Our Capabilities

At CPC, we believe that Process is the great connector. We deploy the latest tools, technology, and thinking in our effort to approach problem solving with the right tools, the right mindset, and the right people. We leverage Cognitive Automation and Process Intelligence, which work in tandem, to accelerate discovery in real time and deliver exponential value to our clients.

cognitive automation

Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced data-sensing technologies for high-precision process automation management

Process Intelligence

Using a combination of event data and process models to discover and quantify performance and conformance


Leveraging business strategy, change and cultural alignment, and process excellence with problem solving to sustain value driven performance

AgilE Delivery

Establishes disciplined project management utilizing frequent inspection and adaptation that allows for rapid delivery of project goals

Federal services

Using process intelligence, cognitive automation and traditional operational excellence techniques to drive value in large governmental organizations

virtual delivery

Delivering virtual process management training and conducting virtual Lean Six Sigma events including Kaizen, Risk Management, Process Controls and Root Cause Analysis