John Agoston
John Agoston has over 25 years of experience in business transformations and strategies that leverage Lean Six Sigma methodologies for operational excellence, continuous improvement and process excellence programs that yield sustainable bottom line value to clients.  

John has subject matter expertise in operational strategy, manufacturing, business development, Lean Six Sigma, business process reengineering, supply chain management, business process improvement and product development.
Dan Baratka
Dan is an experienced leader of both Lean and Agile transformation initiatives across large, cross functional teams and industries. He is adept at working across organizational boundaries and has led numerous Continuous Improvement efforts.

Dan thrives in complex environments requiring fast learning to effectively solve problems and drive results with teams. He has a proven track record of delivering customer value through collaboration and influence.
Randy Bowen
Randy is Practice Lead, Process Intelligence at Curtis Process Consulting. He works with executives, teams, and customers in a diverse set of industries to optimize, improve, and stabilize operations, and establish organizational readiness to deliver immediate impact and long-term competitive advantage.

Randy has held leadership roles in insurance and financial services, health systems, CPG, medical device, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Michael Burris
Michael is an experienced change agent specializing in business transformation and operational excellence. Well-versed in quality system development and improvement, defense contracting, and Lean Six Sigma, he relies on this extensive knowledge base to provide valuable counsel to his clients and effectively lead transformational change.

Michael is focused on business process improvement, capability based improvements, and business performance optimization.
Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis is the Founder and CEO of Curtis Process Consulting. He works with teams, clients, and executives across industries in pursuit of competitive advantage through process.
Lisa Custer
Lisa has decades of global experience in designing and implementing continuous improvement programs based in multiple methodologies – Lean Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean, and Quality Systems. She has worked on driving program success and brings considerable insight to building sustainable improvement cultures.

Lisa has led the design and implementation of operations improvement initiatives that deliver significant financial and customer satisfaction benefits.
Stephen Frolik
Stephen has over a decade of experience driving process excellence in service and manufacturing organizations across a wide variety of international clients and industries.

Stephen has an outstanding record of success increasing enterprises' value through sustainable business development, leadership in the creation & execution of complex strategies, and culture building.
Rex Groves
Rex works with teams, clients, and executives across industries to reduce waste and gain fiscal entitlement. Rex began his career as a research scientist with General Electric eventually acquiring his Master Black Belt and Lean Master credentials.

His most recent activities have been aligning with Curtis Process Consulting where he is a Lead in the effort to incorporate “Big Data” into Process Improvement.
Joya Hariharan
Joya Hariharan has over 20 years experience in Fortune 100 Financial Services and Insurance companies setting up global operations and leading and mentoring Operational Excellence programs. Joya has deep expertise in assessing and managing organizational risk.
Joya has designed and implemented custom Lean and Six Sigma programs and has trained, coached, and mentored over a hundred Business Process Management, Lean, Green Belt and Black Belt certification candidates.
Mitch Johnson
Mitch is an accomplished Operations Excellence, Lean Six Sigma (LSS), and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) practitioner and has two published articles to his credit on the importance of Science and Technology in advancing US economic prosperity and national security. Mitch enjoyed a successful career in Aerospace & Defense before joining George Group Consulting in 1996 (acquired 2007 by Accenture). Mitch was Partner and Vice President of the Process & Innovation Performance (P&IP) unit.
Phil Kilgore
Phil Kilgore is an experienced business developer and leader of organizations and teams in government, industry, and non-profits. He focuses on organizational growth and effectiveness, mission and strategy execution, and talent development.

Phil has extensive experience in organizational, project, personnel, and financial management in diverse domains including communications-electronics, criminal investigations, system security engineering, quality engineering and process engineering.
Ashley Menear
Ashley Menear is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt that specializes in operational excellence and technology transformations. She works closely with executive management and department heads to reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize processes.
Don Osmundson
Don Osmundson is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and specializes in Lean Deployment, Training, Facilitation, and Project Management.

Don incorporates Change Management Principles into every endeavor, knowing that process improvement has the best opportunity for lasting growth when anchored in behavioral change management strategy.
Michael Sullivan
Mike has over 25 years of experience leading complex operations and process improvement initiatives in the retail, insurance, banking, healthcare, technology, telecommunications and financial services industries.

Mike has proven success in leading and coaching engagements in operations, supply chain, training and development, case management, resource management, help desk, patient scheduling, investments and resource management among others.
Thanh Tran
Thanh is a consultant at Curtis Process Consulting. She has led several strategic consulting engagements across various industries such as manufacturing, pharma, finance, and hospitality to drive business improvements within organizations by leveraging voice of customer, data analytics, and continuous improvement techniques.
Thanh currently resides in Hoboken, NJ and graduated from the University of Richmond.
Vivian Tran
Vivian began her consulting career with Curtis Process Consulting. Initially, she began as an intern and transitioned to full-time.

Vivian graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Industrial and Systems Engineering and is a native of Virginia.
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